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Progressive-Street is a “gang” of international photographers looking at the other side, yes,  but it is in this world.

We are an Art Gallery: streets all over the World, a sight of reality, the eyes of the street.

We show the effects of globalization. We are a look at the Globalized World. Photography as ethnography, ours pov is an anthropological, sociological, social pov

“The photographer feels and represents the loneliness of humanity. This society is turning us into monads… and Street photographers are those who daily tell us about the loneliness of mankind through their shots. And that’s why words are superfluous in this realm. Only by looking at photographs we can understand this. Batsceba Hardy

“Born out of a love of fine coffee and watching the world go by” Robert Bannister

“I have no profound explanation for why I do what I do … for why I have this addiction to use a camera to document people on the street doing what they do … “some are mathematicians, some are carpenters’ wives, don’t know how it all got started, I don’t know what they’re doin’ with their lives.”” Michael Kennedy

“For me street photography is an instinct, an attitude that takes you among people to stop time, a moment, a grimace or an important event. But always with the spirit of adventure and curiosity, nothing prepared, no project, only me and my camera and the life that surrounds me.” Fabio Balestra

“Pure serendipity – that’s how I discovered Street Photography and that’s what I love about it.” Jinn Jyh Leow

“Which approach is better? Well, this is a wrong question in the Zen sense. Neither approach is right or wrong. Instead, the question we have to ask ourselves as photographers is this: what do I want to photograph, and what story do I want to tell?” Lukasz Palka

“I’m interested in human presences inserted into light, shadows, colors and geometries, searching for something that sends the image “on the other side”. “Orlando Durazzo

“Street photography is a way of living, nothing else for me. Shooting life and grab the instant with my camera; taking smiles, tears, laughs or thoughts is what I feel to do when I’m in the streets”  Stefania Lazzari

“When I look at my old negatives, I realize I shot something similar to street photography right from the start.”  Niklas Lindskog

“With Street photography I don’t have a choice. I must accept what I am given.” Mark Guider

“Street Photography mainly helps me to understand that similarities between human beings are actually more than I was told.” Alphan Yilmazmaden

“in the street there is always something to discover and to capture in one shot. Street photography documents emotions, relationships, everyday events where humans are protagonists. That’s what I try to communicate with my shots, faces and expressions that otherwise would not be remembered…” Peppe Di Donato

“Street Photography for me is a natural expression of my love of people and their cities, tiny fragments of their life stories captured in one fleeting instant, the vibrance and emotion of the street, it lifts me up and drags me down and shakes my emotions all around, no other type of photography holds my attention like street.” Gerri McLaughlin

“I’m still seeking my best photograph. And to do so, I travel the world as much as I can, photographing people on their turf in their own environment. Doing so pushes me out of my comfort zone and typically results in photographs that are authentic and genuine.” Patrick Monnier

“I believe that there are two moments that are pivotal in a street photographer’s life: the moment one starts street photography and the moment one finally understands why he is doing this.” Karlo Flores

“Photographing the street supposes soaking up of it, of every emotion, sensation and exceptional and unforeseen situation that happens.” Inés Madrazo Delgado

“Street photography is my means of connecting with the ever unfolding drama of human life.” Siddhartha Mukherjee

“In the doubt, I shot” Davide Dalla Giustina

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